Apply Now!

To apply is as easy as coming down to the yard, and having a chat.

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Pick the car you like and we'll make an application. 

It's that simple!

To get things in motion we would like you to bring:

  1. Drivers Licence 

  2. $100 
Proof of where you live. - Lease, letter from landlord (if boarding) etc
Proof of Income for 2 months - payslips, centrelink statement etc

  5. Bank Statements for 3 months
Credit File - (if necessary we can supply a copy for $25)

Please Note; it wont matter if you don't have items 3 to 5 when you come down to see us, as they can be supplied later.
 Also remember there is no obligation to apply.

So why not just come down to the yard to say hello and see how we work. 
We think you'll be impressed!

To Apply please fill out the Application Form below:

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